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Freitag, 25. Juni 2010 | alle/all, presse/news| Kein Kommentar


„Viele Einbürgerungskanditaten scheitern bereits beim Sprachtest.“ Und wirklich nur die?

Deciplining Brüno

Montag, 13. Juli 2009 | alle/all, presse/news| Kein Kommentar

decipline_cropped4I love this, and not just because a somewhat respected small-town newspaper doesn’t know how to spell „discipline.“ The fact that (a) Sasha Baron Cohen alias Brüno managed to convince a high school football team to pose with him for photographs that they must have been at least a little bit suspicious about the minute he showed up on the field dressed like that, and that (b) the heads of the school district where this happened decided it was a good idea to compound their embarrassment by taking deciplinary, excuse me, disciplinary action and taking the whole thing public, gives this item its blogworthiness—and of course makes me want to see the movie…